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Completed projects

Waste treatment plant monitoring system  Download (Japanese document) (PDF about 448KB)
Waste Crane control system  Download (Japanese document) (PDF about 431KB)
Remote Monitoring system (WEB)  Download (Japanese document) (PDF about 492KB)

In-house products

Hi speed data logger  Catalog (Japanese)(PDF about 389KB)
 Specifications (Japanese)(PDF about 529KB)
Protocol Converter for GP-Upgrade  Specifications (Japanese) (PDF about 457KB)
Double Wave Modulation Unit  Catalogue (Japanese) (PDF about 275KB)
 Operation Manual(DWMU-0002B) (Japanese)
 (PDF 約947KB)
 Operation Manual(DWMU-0002A) (Japanese)
 (PDF 約947KB)
 Operation Manual(DWMU-0002A) (English) (PDF about 730KB)
FA-Package for Windows  Download (Japanese document) (PDF about 124KB)

To open the specification requires Adobe Reader. Please refer the Adobe Reader at the Adobe website to the download it.
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