Developed Product

Double Wave Modulation Unit

Using this unit's settings, the input pulse is divided from 1 to 255
The division ratio can be set independently for two outputs (CH1, CH2).

The same pulse can be output to a separate output terminal.
Two distributions can be performed as a single phase pulse with a direction-discriminating single output and a two-phase pulse, and up to four distributions can be performed for a single phase output.

Waveform generations can be output independently through CH1 and CH2.

Please refer the PDF files which links shown at below to see the details.
  Catalogue (Japanese)  (PDF about 462KB)
  Operation Manual(DWMU-0002B) (Japanese)  (PDF about 873KB)
  Operation Manual(DWMU-0002A) (Japanese)  (PDF about 779KB)
  Operation Manual(DWMU-0002A) (English)  (PDF about 730KB)
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